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I'm Shannon Hart


I'm an artist, mother, wife, teacher, and adventurer.  I live in Jackson Wyoming with my husband and we have three grown children who live close by.

I spend my time working in acrylic and watercolor, as well as, sketching and mixed media.

I have a deep need to create, I believe it is part of my very soul. When I don't it feels like a part of me is not showing up for myself. 


I create as a meditation, a way to calm my inner critic, and a time-out from the chaos and stress of life.


My paintings reflect timeless themes such as still life, nature, and simplicity creating moments of calm, peace, and joy for my audience.


My love of art reaches back to my earliest memories. As a young child, before I had much skill, I spent hours splatter painting on any surface I could find. (my mom loved that)

I have drawn and painted as my children have grown and now that they have mostly flown the nest, I find that I have the mental and physical capacity to develop and practice my art even more.

I invite you to grab a cup of tea or coffee as you wander through my art and perhaps stumble upon something that connects to your soul and brings happiness to your life. 

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